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The Lab Design Studio educates artists, businesses, students, and the community on art, design, and design practices. Enhance your design career or learn how to create your own promotional items.

We offer many free lectures for teachers, businesses, and the entrepreneur. We are also available to come to your business, school, or home to lecture on different areas of design and marketing.

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The Adobe Programs

This lecture can be geared towards businesses or schools wanting to better educate their staff or students on the adobe programs, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. We are able to teach the programs from beginners to advanced levels.

Learn Search Engine Optimization

If you want to learn how to set up the content for your website or promote it in search engines, The Lab offers a lecture for businesses, schools, or individuals looking to enhance their search results.

Resume and Portfolio Design Presentation

This presentation teaches how to prepare a print and pdf portfolio as well as design a resume for employment, college, and graduate school. This lecture helps with graphic design careers, art careers, and design careers.

Good Design Exhibition

Understand what good design looks like in North Dakota and how to support designers that have spent years fine-tuning their skills. View the different promotional items they create and how these designs can market businesses while still being highly creative and abstract.

Mural Program

The mural program brings artists and the community together to create pieces of art for the public to enjoy. We can create murals indoor or outdoor and we work with businesses and people to create a design and concept that supports your message. This program brings the public and the artist together.