UX/UI creates a solution that meets the end users' design needs.

After researching, competitive analysis, content audit, and consumer journey map, I develop the userflow and low fidelity wireframes. Next, I work in Figma to prepare the sketch. I prefer to work with fluid layouts to stay consistent with web standards when I code in html and css.

Lever Coffee

user experience
and interface design

Lever Coffee is a start-up café that believes in being curators of craft and community, they support and bring in local artists to add local touches around the shop.

Lever Coffee is one of the companies I manage for Lever Holdings. I create all of their marketing material and their brand identity.

Lever Coffee Userflow

UX Userflow Design | 2022

Lever Coffee Wireframes

UX Wireframe Design | 2022

Lever Coffee Mobile Website

iOS Mobile Design | 2022

Lever Coffee Mobile Website

Android Mobile Design | 2022

Lever Coffee Desktop Website

MAC Desktop Design | 2022

Lever Coffee Website

WIN Desktop Design | 2022

Escarraman Law

user experience
and interface design

Escarramán Law, a start-up criminal defense firm, services clients in the states of Minnesota and North Dakota.

I joined Escarraman Law as their in-house designer, designing their brand identity and helped their business run smoother with designed legal documents and a marketing campaign that stood out amongst their competition.

Escarraman Userflow

UX Userflow Design | 2020

Escarraman Wireframe

UX Wireframe Design | 2020

Escarraman Mobile Website

iOS and Android Mobile Design | 2020

Escarraman Desktop Website

WIN and MAC Desktop Design | 2020